Wonderment Quilts

I design and create a variety of handmade quilts (machine pieced and quilted), with all fabric colors, patterns and textures carefully chosen to create a beautiful, overall effect.

All quilted wall hangings have been personally designed by me and created in my home smoke-free workspace.  Wall hangings make for a great art decoration for the home or the office.

Handmade Quilts can be purchased at my Wonderment Quilts etsy store:  Wonderment Quilts’ Handmade Quilts

Sundappled Pond Quilt 2.jpgSundappled Pond Quilt Close up.jpg035.JPG038.JPGIMG_3209.jpgIMG_3214.jpg015-001.JPGil_570xN.231879907.jpgBrown Couture Textured Baby Quilt Close up.jpgBrown Couture Textured Baby Quilt.jpgil_170x135.233277949.jpgBatik Modern Forest Quilt.jpgIMG_3431.jpgMini Brown Couture Textured Baby Quilt.jpgA Taste of India Sari Quilt.jpgA Splash of Color Star Quilt.jpg027.jpgExploding African Batik Quilt.jpgP6246497-001.JPG016.jpg081.JPG071.JPGP5130904.JPG020.jpg029.jpgP9047788.JPGP9047741.JPGP9047731.JPGP9047734.JPGIMG_3280.jpg001.jpg135.jpg