Stained Glass-on-Glass Mosaics

I create stained glass-on-glass (GOG) mosaics by hand cutting stained glass (into shapes, designs, tiles), adhering the glass to a substrate (window, framed glass, glass cabinet doors, etc.) with strong adhesive (Weldbond, Mac Glue, Diamond Glaze or silicone depending on the design and function) and then grouting and sealing the piece. ┬áThe piece is then sealed so that it can be hung/displayed both inside (on a table/cupboard or hung from a wall/ceiling) and outside (on a porch or on a shepherd hook in one’s yard or garden) in both good and bad weather.

*I gladly accept commissions for new work designs. ┬áPlease feel free to contact me if you’re interested in commissioning a design so that we can discuss the item/price.

PA098926.JPGTSR Watermark - 0884.JPGPA098978.JPGP8287514.JPGTSR Watermark - 1307.JPGTSR Watermark - 1265.JPGP2013036.JPGPC242703.JPGPA279688.JPGPB049926.JPGTSR Watermark - 1350.JPGP9107796.JPGP5226103-001.JPGTSR Watermark - 1221.JPGP9291720.JPGP4215122-001.JPGP4215165-001.JPGP6221015.JPGP2100450.JPGP2030146.JPGP6220971.JPGP6220992.JPGP7016917.JPGP6221060.JPGTSR Watermark - 0975.JPGP5136025-001.JPGP9218144.JPGP2100474.JPGP7090309-004.JPGP5136044.JPGP2110736.JPGP2110797.JPGPB200829-001.JPGPB200850-001.JPGP2110696.JPGP2030180.JPGP2030208.JPGP2030200.JPGP2050314.JPGP9258194.JPGP9268276.JPGP2110777.JPGP9061307.JPGP2040273.JPGP6221047.JPGP9061357.JPGP4215033-001.JPGP2030116.JPGP6221056.JPGP9061316.JPG