Stained Glass Mosaic Home Address Signs

I create custom, handmade stained glass-on-glass (GOG) mosaic name/house number signs on commission.  Since I design and create all of my own art pieces, each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind. All stained glass pieces have been hand cut by me. Only the highest quality stained glass is used. Completed pieces are sprayed with a sealant to protect the glass and grout from wear & tear (as well as outdoor weather).

The name and number signs show here are of previously completed stained glass-on-glass mosaic signs.

TSR Watermark - 1120.JPGTSR Watermark - 1121.JPGTSR Watermark - 1130.JPGTSR Watermark - 1131.JPGTSR Watermark - 1111.JPGPC241295-001.JPGTSR Watermark - 1141.JPGTSR Watermark - 1134.JPGTSR Watermark - 1139.JPGP2130911.JPGIMG_7163.JPGIMG_7165.JPGPC241322.JPGPC241319-002.JPGFullSizeRender.jpgPC241310-002.JPGPC241313-001.JPGTSR Watermark - 0891.JPGTSR Watermark - 0895.JPGTSR Watermark - 0898.JPGTSR Watermark - 0901.JPG

If you are interested in commissioning your own custom sign, please contact me. I can make you your own personalized listing, and give you a price quote based on your requested design.  Signs are sent to their owners ready to hang (i.e. hooks installed on the top, so the sign can be hung with chains from a porch overhang, shepherd hooks in your yard, or against the front face of your home).

Price varies according to:
*Size of sign/window frame (approx. dimensions H20″ x W35″, square ones H28″ x W28″)
*Number of letters for name signs (i.e. usually 4-8 letters)
*Complexity of design surrounding the letters

Typical price range: $250-$350. Note that payment must be received before I will begin creating a custom piece.

**I use existing wood windows or cabinet doors. I can’t guarantee an exact size, but I can let you know the approximate sizes of windows/door options I have on hand.