Fiber Art

Sundappled Pond Quilt 2.jpg

Quilt Wall Hangings

All Wonderment Quilt are made with much care and attention to detail. The design, the colors and the fabrics are designed to appeal to your sense of texture, color and a love of nature. This hanging quilt was designed by myself and created in my home workspace. I hope it appeals to those people who like art with clean lines, but right, patterned fabric. Created in a smoke-free home. Great art decoration for a home or office space.

Whimsical Toddler Blankies

What is the ONE things that babies and toddlers CAN’T live without, besides their mother? Their BLANKIE! And it’s it even better if their blankie is fun and comforting, not just your typical blankie. Introducing a line of whimsical blankies in a variety of designs: raccoons, giraffes, penguins, lions, koalas, tigers, ladybugs, zebras, turtles and flowers. Blankies are made of very soft furry materials, all appealing to your loved child. These whimsical blankies are an absolutely PERFECT gift for a child who needs a soft blankie, but not a blanket that is so big it gets dragged around the floor. My toddler son loves his hand-cocheted blankets, but loves his whimsical blankie even more because it’s big enough to still be a blanket (bigger than luvey blankets) and yet small enough he can carry it everywhere. And it’s thick enough that he can chew on it while teething.

Appliqued clothes

You will now find my LOVE of quilting (i.e. carefully choosing fabric colors/designs/patterns) incorporated into stylish, comfortable and wearable clothing. These shirts and sweatshirts will delight the eye and be SURE to bring on countless compliments wherever you go! Extremely soft, comfortable tshirt. Fitted style, very flattering. All of my designs are hand cut, hand sewn and made with great love, care and attention.