Alcohol Inks


Alcohol Ink Ornaments

These are porcelain ornaments, painted with alcohol ink and sealed with two layers of sealant for extra protection. The ornaments are relatively heavy and solid. They'll break if you drop them on a hard surface, but rarely break if dropped on carpet. The design on each ornament is made by carefully applying alcohol inks in 4-5 layers, strategically placing color upon color to create beautiful patterns.

Alcohol Ink Jewelry 2

What are alcohol inks? They’re acid-free, fast-drying transparent dye inks specially formulated to create a colorful, polished stone effect. Usually used on glossy paper, dominoes, metal, shrink plastic, glass, and other slick surfaces, they create rich, realistic colors that are permanent and fade resistant. Most of the alcohol ink jewelry that I create/sell is purchased, new jewelry that I accent with a variety of alcohol inks (i.e. on their metal, ceramic or glass pendants). All ink is then sealed for optimum longevity.