I have worked many years in the non-profit world, but I have always needed to CREATE to satisfy my spirit. This first took the form of crocheted scarves and blankets. I was soon, however, bored, and decided to learn the art of quilt-making. Over the years I improved my skills, and I worked less and less from patterns. Instead, I began creating my own designs and my favorite part of the process has been determining which fabrics/colors to include in the quilt. My store selling my fiber art, Wonderment Quilts, now sells quilts, couture baby quilts, wall hangings, whimsical toddler blankets and creative appliqued clothing.

Becoming more and more like my 90-year old grandmother (a full-time artist who works in a variety of mediums), my interest in other forms of art grew and grew over the years. I started taking a variety of arts classes in 2010-2012 and fell in love with mosaic art. I desperately wanted to purchase some of the mosaic lanterns found in the grand bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey. But… the flight is too expensive. So I thought, “Well, if I can’t buy them, I’m sure I can make them!” Other mosaic pieces have followed. I do create ceramic mosaic art, but my true love is glass-on-glass (GOG) stained glass mosaic art.

Despite having a whole room in my house dedicated to creating my mosaic art (and another for creating my fiber art), you will still find mosaic pieces mid-creation ALL over my house. I can’t seem to contain it.



Artist, Owner of Wonderment Arts