Kristin Dieng is a fine mosaic artist, specializing in stained glass-on-glass artwork.  She creates stained glass mosaics, which highlight the interaction between glass and light, and the ways in which they dance together when illuminated.  Kristin’s creative motivation comes from her desire to respond positively to a chronic illness.  Chronic, intractable migraines mean Kristin spends a lot of time alone and in the dark, battling pain, depression and thoughts of constrained possibilities.  All places that are dark physically or mentally.  Kristin enjoys creating art that provides a way to find some meaning in being confined and alone.  For her, creating art provides an opportunity for finding purpose and enjoyment in life, and this enjoyment shines through her use of bright, colorful designs.  Kristin specializes in landscapes, trees and flowers, as well as other designs involving nature; she also enjoys creating complex geometric patterns. All of her designs are created with hand-cut stained glass pieces, and Kristin often uses semi-precious gemstones, such as agates, geode slices and gems, in her designs to create additional points of interest.  Stained glass-on-glass art can be hung in windows as artwork, or it can be used as a privacy screen to cover windows or open spaces in one’s home.


Artist Resume


  • VSA Minnesota 2016 “Emerging Artist” grant; 2016 recipient
  • Glass Endeavor’s 18th Annual Glass Art Show; 2nd Place in Mosaic Art (2016)

Art Education:

  • Design Fundamentals; Chicago Mosaic School (2016)
  • Undulation; Chicago Mosaic School (2016)
  • Smalti Dimensions; Chicago Mosaic School (2016)

General Education:

  • BS in Foreign Service; Georgetown University (1998)
  • Universite Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar (1997)

Art Exhibits:

  • Minnetonka Center for the Arts “Art of the Garden” exhibition; Wayzata, MN (July-August 2017)
  • The Gordon Parks Gallery “Becoming Whole – In Pieces” exhibition; St. Paul, MN (November-December 2016)
  • Minnetonka Center for the Arts “Art of the Garden” exhibition; Wayzata, MN (June-August 2016)
  • Fort Snelling State Park; MN License Plate Design Contest (May 2016)
  • Primavera “Springtime Celebration of the Arts” show; Plymouth, MN (April 2016)
  • Solo exhibition at The Susan Hensel Gallery Windows on Cedar; Minneapolis, MN (October-November 2015)
  • The Institute of Mosaic Art “Bloom” exhibition; Berkeley, CA (June-July 2015)

Art Shows:

  • Minnesota Women’s Art Festival vendor (2016, 2014, 2013)
  • EP Lioness Art & Craft Show vendor (2015)
  • International Surface Design Association Conference (2011)

Media Coverage:

My Work/Creative Process:

PA058574.JPGTSR Watermark - 0992.JPGP5055907.JPGP5055896.JPGTSR Watermark - 1012.JPGP8106520.JPGP8106527.JPGP8106540.JPGP9288409.JPGP9308432.JPGP7265383.JPGP7265374.JPGP7275497.JPGP8086468.JPGP8076448.JPGP8076456.JPGP8247452.JPGP8247476.JPGP2281045.JPGP2281024.JPGP2281032.JPGP2281056.JPGIMG_3793.JPGIMG_3794.JPGP8271220.JPGP8271225.JPGP8271203.JPGP4185005-001.jpgP4185004-001.jpgP8287667.JPGP4064869.JPGP4064878.JPGP2274607-001.JPGP2274604-001.JPGPB172614.JPGIMG_3324.JPGIMG_3421.JPGIMG_3426.jpgIMG_3427.jpgPB300329.JPGPB300317.JPGPB222622.JPGPB222639.JPGPB300327.JPG

Customer reviews:

  • Heather Crabtree, “Photos won’t do it justice. The quality of the lantern is outstanding and the customer service is the best I’ve ever received from any online business. I can’t show enough gratitude!”
  • Neil Costello, “I recently purchased a stained glass mosaic lantern from Kristin/Wonder Me Mosaics and gave it as a gift to a close friend who loves both lanterns as well as mosaics. They loved it! From the design to the craftsmanship to the level of care put into packaging such a fragile piece of art, Kristin’s work is amazing. Before I purchased the lantern, I had a question for Kristin. She was quick to respond. She was very accommodating and provided fantastic customer service. Thank you Kristin!”
  • Andrea Novalez, “This piece looks Fantastic!!! Kristin was great and her shop is wonderful. I have received so many compliments on this piece it is unbelievable, as it is the focus in my kitchen.”
  • Johanna Osman, “The photos don’t do justice to this great work of art. Very lovely up close. Fascinated by the “frames” Kristin uses. This piece was set into a cabinet door frame. Others were in window sashes with the hardware still intact. Very clever!!”
  • Dee Quaranto, “Beautiful composition and colors – love the fiery sky behind this gorgeous tree! Crazy fast shipping, great communication and awesome customer service. I bought it to give as a gift, but I just *might* have to keep it for myself. I love ALL your work, Kristin, and am so pleased to finally have the opportunity to see some of it in person. THANKS!”
  • Linda Casey, “I purchased this item to give as a gift; however, I love it so much I decided to keep it for myself. The pattern is very calming and the colors are clear and vibrant.”
  • Kim Hooker, “This lantern was far more beautiful than I even expected. It’s breathtaking when lit. Highly recommend this site.”
  • Melanie Fleming, “So unique and beautiful! Will make beautiful “belated” Christmas gifts. Carefully packaged! Thanks so much for these items!”
  • Steve Ness, “The lantern is very nice and exactly as pictured. It was packed with plenty of padding for shipping and arrived quick. Thank you very much.”
  • Kaley Parsons, “Brad and I can’t thank you enough for our very special mosaic of our wedding backdrop!  We absolutely love it and I can’t wait to hang it in our new home!!”
  • Jennifer Keyes-Maloney, “The piece was fantastic! And, it fit perfectly in the room!”
  • Kristy Rodshow, “Beautiful. Class Act Seller! Thank you so much.”
  • Mary Kosak, “Wow!!!! Kristin, it is perfect! Absolutely love it”
  • Charity Hanif, “Beautiful work. Prompt shipping and communication. Fantastic detail.”